Basic Unity Setup - 25$ if Personal / 40$ if Commercial

I fully setup your avatar in unity: avatar descriptor setup, simple 3.0 toggles (up to 10), basic animations and menus. Ready to upload to vrchat.

  • Avatar Descriptor

  • Up to 10 toggles + hue shift sliders

  • 3.0 Menu and parameters setup

  • Locomotion Layer setup

  • Basic Animations

  • 1 set of Gestures

  • 1 set of Facial Expressions

  • Basic PhysBones Setup (Ears and Tails)

Complete Unity Setup - 35$ if Personal / 60$ if Commercial

I fully setup your avatar in unity: avatar descriptor setup, simple 3.0 toggles (up to 15), animations, menus, markers or any other thing you want me to add (if not free then must be provided by you).The gestures and facial expressions sets can be switched between them with a toggle in the menu (Perfect if you want your normal hand gestures set and want to have a seperate set of gestures for ASL/BSL)Theres a price if you want to add accessories to you avatar - 2$/each

  • Avatar Descriptor

  • Up to 15 toggles + hue shift sliders + material effects (glitter, emissions, etc)

  • Complete 3.0 Menu and parameters setup

  • Idle Animation change (paid animations must be provided by you)

  • Locomotion Layer setup (GogoLoco)

  • Animations

  • 2 set of Gestures

  • 2 set of Facial Expressions

  • PhysBones Setup (anything you want me to add it to)

Add Particle Systems/Trails - 3$/each

If you want me to add a particle system to your avatar (snow, finger trails, footsteps, idle particle emissions etc).

Add Accessories/weapons - 2$/each

If you have an accessory or a weapon you want to add to the avatar, for example: swords, hats, wings, etc. I will add those accessories and make the toggles for it.

Add Spring joints/markers/anything else - 5$/each system

If you want me to add any kind of system you want to your avatar (can be a spring join, a mute marker, a pet that follows you, etc).

NSFW Features - 15$

I will add NSFW features to your avatar: Dynamic Penetrator, Touch Zones that makes your toy react to touch in-game, NSFW Toggles, a leash system (see "examples") or anything lewd you want me to add to your avatar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dynamic Penetrator System (DPS)

  • VibeGoesBrrr Touch Zones

  • Leash System

  • NSFW Toggles


gonsodany's unity commissions

Leash System

Its a system that you can add a leash to an avatar that you can then add the handle to another avatar to make a working leash in-game.
With this leash you can do pet/master role play, toggle it on/off, tie the leash to anywhere in any world so your "pet" will be tied to it.
Perfect for walkies.
DM me for more examples

Example of avatars i've worked on.